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It Wasn’t Just Lead — Flint’s Water Drove An Outbreak That Killed 12 People And Made 90 Sick
A new study links Flint deaths to the city’s bad water and exposes a coverup by the city's politicians and health officials.  But experts warn: this could happen anywhere 
so protect yourself now.
A Flint, Michigan resident holds up samples of the water that came from her sink.
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by Chris Peterson, Special Investigator

The lead-poisoned water that flowed into Flint homes at the peak of the water crisis carried another deadly threat: Legionella bacteria that triggered an outbreak, sickening 90 people and killing at least 12 over two years.

This outbreak was likely caused by chlorine-resistant microbial cysts which often survive the water treatment process. 

In the months after Flint’s poisonous water drew national attention, Michigan public health officials said that it would be impossible to know if the bacterial outbreak — which happened during the same months the city switched its water supply to the Flint River — had been caused by the water itself.

But a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences exposes these statements as misleading, if not outright lies.  

Now citizens are demanding answers, and the firing and possible prosecution of those responsible.
It's Not Just a 'Flint Problem', There's An 89% Chance You Live In An Area That Has Serious Water Quality Issues Too
Unfortunately this exact problem is not limited to Flint.  

Between deadly bacteria, brain-damaging lead levels, and mood-altering prescription drugs, over 5300 US municipal water providers are in violation of federal water rules.

The map below details just how big the problem is: municipal water facilities are ill-equipped to deal with the rising problem of dirty drinking water.
If you live in an shaded area your community water system has been cited as violating federal water guidelines.  This covers about 89% of the US population.
To make matters worse, much of the contamination that occurs in your drinking water happens AFTER the water leaves your treatment plant and before it leaves your tap - so there's almost nothing your local treatment plant can do about it.

And even in places where water has been deemed 'safe', treatment plants are adding chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that have been shown to cause birth defects and cancer.
Now Scientists Are Asking: 
Is the Cure Worse Than The Disease?
For decades American have been told that their water was deemed safe for drinking by the EPA and local authorities because of advanced treatment methods and chlorination.

The National Academy of Sciences blames unstable chlorine levels for the bacteria in Flint's water.  

But a new study by  Harvard University shows that chlorinated water could be raising your risk for bladder cancer.

The problem lies with the by-products that the chlorination process adds to your drinking water.

According the study:
And to make matters worse, the EPA just announced it is now rolling back water quality standards across the nation.
Why Bottled Water Could Kill You, 
And The Planet, Too
These problems with drinking water are just a few of the reasons
why Americans are drinking more and more bottled water.

But this presents in own set of problems.  

According to a paper published in Nature Communications, 86% of bottled water comes in bottles that contain BPA - a chemical known to leech into water from plastic.

BPA is an industrial chemical that enters the water and acts as a synthetic form of estrogen and has been associated with hormone disruption in both men and women.

This can cause breast growth in men and miscarraiges and early menopause in women.

Plus, most bottled water is actually just slightly filtered tap water.  

Bottled water manufacturers do not remove metals, prescription drugs, pesticides and other contaminants that are often found in tap water.

And the environmental effect of water bottles can be devastating.

Even when you recycle plastic bottles, about 63% of that plastic actually ends up in landfill when recyclers can't find a market for their plastic.
Massive 'trash islands' of plastic water bottles have been found in every ocean, 
one in the Pacific ocean is larger than the country of Peru.
Here's What You Can Do To Ensure 
You and Your Family Are Drinking Clean Water
The easiest solution is to simply filter your water once it reaches your home.

This will ensure that all the chemicals used your local treatment plant, anything the treatment plant was unable to remove from your water, and heavy metals like lead that the water picks up on the way to your home are removed.

"We suggest everyone uses a multi-stage water filter in the home that can remove bacteria, drugs, metals, and anything else that occurs in the water," says Bruce Felder, a spokesman for the Water Quality Association.

He adds "Fortunately there a few very affordable options these days that can remove these things from your water and you can enjoy clean water in your home anytime."

"People just need to realize the typical Brita filter won't do it, you need a true seven-stage filter."

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Darlene Watson
the Flint water crisis is a crime against humanity, plain and simple. just goes to show you can't trust the government to help!  filter your own water people.
Like   Reply    4 minutes ago
trisha johnson-cook
Ok.... who has a good water filter they like?!?  never going to drink our tap water again if I can help it
Like   Reply    17 minutes ago
Shanda Bardnard
I really like my Pristine Aqua pitcher, works great and filters are very affordable. 

Like   Reply    54 minutes ago
Bill Ramsfelder
That's why we filter at the sink with a 7 stage water filter!  Never again drinking tap water!
Like   Reply    1 hour ago
Tracy Condoretti
I'll never understand how the politicans in Flint aren't in jail!  This is a crime!  People died!  
Like   Reply    2 hours ago
Jacob Peterson
So sorry for the people of flint :(
Like   Reply    5 hours ago
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